Byre Youth and Community Arts
Performing Arts for all ages!


Audition Prep:

Stephen and Ashley are available for sessions to help with prep for auditions.  BYCA members receive this service for free. There is a cost for non-members. 

We have a high success rate with all students being offered places to their schools of choice. 

Child Performance Licence / Body of Person Approval: 
We provide the following options: 

1) A tailored consultation to help groups establish where a licence is required and identify the best route to take to obtain one.

2) Training for staff on the licensing process.

3) We can deal with the administrative process to obtain a licence or body of persons on your behalf.

Schools Workshops:

We are available to develop a schools workshop for either Drama, Dance Theatre or Singing based on a topic of the class teachers choosing. We cover all ages from Early Years upwards.

CPD / Teacher Training:

As outlined above, we are able to develop a tailored CPD package for teachers and staff based on the specific needs of the school. 

Teambuilding / Funday:

If your business is looking for an alternative Teambuilding day, we can organised that for you! Talk to us about your team and what they'd enjoy and we'll deliver a day they won't forget!

For further information / prices, please contact